Stuck baby moose with the biggest brown eyes is happy someone stopped to save her

A baby moose is in for a rude awakening when he discovers he is not big enough to jump over a gate.

A baby moose had a frightening experience when it attempted to jump over a wooden gate and got its front hooves caught between the boards.

Two men found the calf and worked carefully to chop the boards away with an ax without injuring the frightened animal. The moose waited quietly.

Once freed, the moose stood a long time, contemplating her newfound freedom. She seemed to be resting and getting her balance back.

After a few minutes, the men said, “You’re welcome,” to the moose. The moose never made a sound, but you could see the thanks in her eyes.

She took a few steps in the foot-deep snow, then slowly turned, and trotted away. One man commented that it was headed for his house.

In horse-talk, that chewing action you see at the end is a very submissive display, meaning I just want to eat peacefully with you, not fight. What a sweet little baby.