Joey Gets His Head Stuck In The Railing, Then Dad Says, “Better Get The Butter…” But Joey Has A Clever Idea

Boy and FamilyLittle Joey was spending his time outside, playing as kids do, in the backyard of his house, when somehow, curiosity got the best of him.

The video begins with little Joey’s head caught between the metal poles in the railing of the concrete stairs. His mom is heard saying: “Oh Joey, what did you do?”

BoyEventually, the dad arrives and tries to get Joey out of the railings to no avail as his attempts are hurting the little boy.  Dad is persistent and tries to pull the metal to attempt to create the space that could be enough to pull Joey out with no luck.

Mother chuckles at the situation as she knows kids will be kids, and I’m sure in the future they’ll all look back on this and laugh. There is still plenty of time left to really figure out how to get Joey out of the fix he has gotten himself into.

Near the end of the video clip, the dad suggests they should get the butter and try to get their son out of the railings in that way. Then his little boy comes up with a plan to get himself out of his self-made pickle.

Fortunately, Joey’s escape plan worked. Way to go, Joey! Now, why didn’t dad think of that? 

Joey Gets His Head Stuck In The Railing, Then Dad Says, \