Student belts out ‘National Anthem’ on the loudspeaker to celebrate school reopening

To celebrate the return to campus after months spent online, this young student performed a sensational rendition of the national anthem.

9-year-old D’Corey Johnson was finally able to return to his elementary school campus to fulfill his dream.

To celebrate the school’s reopening, Johnson asked his principal if he could perform the national anthem over the school PA system. What happened next was extraordinary.

The young student left his classmates and teaching staff in awe when he belted out a performance so powerful that it was hard to believe it could come from such a young person.

His stirring vocals and emotion-filled rendition of the national anthem left school officials speechless, but for D’Corey it was just an expression of his immense joy.

This student has a bright future ahead of him – both in the classroom and on the singing stage – and his performance was the perfect way to reopen his school.

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