Students trick janitor with a life-changing gesture

The sparkle in a custodian’s eyes can tell a thousand tales, but none quite as heartwarming as the one unfolded at Riverside Middle School. A seemingly ordinary day took a surprising turn for Rocky, the school’s beloved custodian when a group of clever students set up a ruse that led him into the surprise of his life.

Rocky, an affable man dedicated over three decades to the school, is known to create smiles wherever he goes. According to the students, Rocky’s not just a custodian but a beacon of positivity.

Eighth graders Akio and Allison decide that it is time Rocky knows just how much he means to them. Therefore, they take the help of the ‘Dude. Be Nice’ project, led by Brent, its CEO, who was equally captivated by Rocky’s story.

Moreover, the students even have a trick up their sleeves. They tell Rocky that the crew is interviewing him for the yearbook. Little does he know what is in store for him! Rocky’s enthusiasm for the San Francisco 49ers gives them a unique angle. Brent even manages to contact Adam Schneider, a former player for the team, who is equally charmed by the initiative. The player even travels to California to participate in the event.

In addition to the celebrity appearance, Mike Smith, a project team member, speaks to the students about how his school janitor influenced his life. He emphasized the importance of appreciating those who leave a legacy behind.

The stage is set, and the students are ready with a bucket of Rocky’s favorite candy and banners proclaiming him as their number one. Mr. Garcia, a school teacher, asks Rocky for help cleaning the podium. But instead of a mess, Rocky is greeted with cheers, candy, and a ball signed by Adam Schneider.

The entire school erupts into applause as Rocky stands, astonished and overwhelmed. The joy in his eyes is matched only by the broad smiles of the children who orchestrated this beautiful moment. When the crew asks Rocky how he feels, Rocky responds simply yet profoundly: “The kids just being there makes my day. It is an honor.”

This touching episode at Riverside Middle School is a shining example of gratitude, camaraderie, and the remarkable bonds that can form in the most unexpected places. These students provide an uplifting lesson in kindness and appreciation that will undoubtedly resonate with many.

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Students trick janitor with a life-changing gesture