Study Suggests That Looking After Grandchildren Reduces Chances Of Dementia AMAZING!

Grandparents really are amazing, aren’t they? They have gone through it all. National Service, maybe even wars and rationing, a world without technology, no internet videos!

But without them we wouldn’t have had our parents, and we would never have existed. So it’s great to know that research shows that one of the greatest joys for grandparents is grandchildren! They get to spoil them and have fun with them, and hand them back at the end of the day! They get to play with the cutest, newest members of their family without the responsibility of being a parent.

What could be more joyful than that? Well… a new study presented by Jonathan LaPook has shown that taking care of grandchildren can actually reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimers disease!

It also keeps people more active and entertained. Learn more about this amazing study in the video below.

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