Do You Have A Stuffy Nose Or Clogged Sinuses? These Simple Tricks Will Bring Relief In Seconds

Nobody likes having a stuffy, clogged-up nose. You have to breathe through your mouth, leading to uncomfortable mouth and lip dryness. Meanwhile, the sinus pressure and accompanying pain and headaches don’t go away, making life miserable. Blowing your nose may only provide temporary, very temporary relief. Expensive nasal sprays may not even work and when they do, the relief is usually only short-lived. Fortunately, there are some alternatives that are safe, all-natural, proven to be effective, and best of all cost nothing.

The first is the “tongue tap and eyebrow touch” method. You start by pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth for a few seconds and then release it. Next, immediately press your finger on the spot between your eyebrows; press on-and-off for at least 20 seconds. This should clear the congestion right out.

Another technique involves putting pressure on the eyebrows. Place a finger at the beginning of each eyebrow, near the central point in between them and then lean forward, resting on your elbows. After a few seconds, the pressure should start to shift. Now slide your fingers to the middle of the eyebrows and hold them in place until you feel relief. Finally, move your fingers to the ends of the eyebrows and either press or make circular motions for a few seconds.

If those don’t work, there’s the very direct and often effective “hold your breath” approach. Pinch your nose tightly shut, tilt your head back, and hold your breath as long as you safely can. Then exhale and breathe in through your nose. Hopefully this will clear out your nasal passages.

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