They Stumble Upon This Dead Fox. Then They Pray. What Happens Next? AMAZING!

Tammy the fox was found left for dead on the side of the road, clinging to life and in terrible shape. It took several compassionate rescuers just to revive her, to save her from becoming road-kill just like so many other poor animals.

Tammy was rushed to the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary that night and the young fox was barely breathing, suffering from head trauma in addition to several other injures. It was only thanks to the incredible Dr Sherry Cox that this lovely little fox lives to this day!

Dr Cox from the National Wildlife Center was called upon to help with Tammy’s recovery and it began going better than anyone thought possible. Tammy was regaining her strength, standing on her own and actually resembling a fox.

This inspiring video has over 5.8 million views on Facebook since being posted back in late August, showing just how many people have fallen in love with Tammy the fox. Speaking of love, Tammy found a new friend in the sanctuary as well!

Todd is another rehabilitating fox who was involved in a vehicular accident. Once the two met they were instant friends, getting along just fine right off the bat. Now these two get to jump and play, all thanks to the awesome volunteers at the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary.

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