I Was Stunned When That Wolf Walked Up To Her, But Nothing Could Prepare Me For What Happened Next

When we think of pets we often time tend to think of the same things. We instantly think of our cuddly cat or our protective, loving pooch. Maybe you even think of a pet horse, bird or rabbit, those are the typical pets that we see nowadays. So when we saw this video it’s easy to say that we were more than a bit surprised.

Usually when you hear about wolves you think scary, aggressive animals. We’ve always been warned to stay away from them and that they should be feared. And while those aren’t necessarily bad rules, certainly ones you should live by if you are in unfamiliar areas, they aren’t always true.

In this video you will see a woman, Danielle, interacting with two big wolves. Now these wolves clearly know Danielle and they obviously have a relationship but we were stunned to see them interacting the way that they were. Danielle is petting and loving on the two wolves, named Kekoa and Sakura.

With the way these wolves are behaving you would think that they were actually dogs! Danielle is sitting next to Kekoa and is rubbing his belly and patting his head, clearly these two care about each other very much. This is such a great video to watch, we know you will just fall in love with these guys as much as we did!

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