Stunning Christmas light display honors service and sacrifice

There are Christmas light displays and then there are Christmas light displays! Competitive homeowners can get into a veritable arms race trying to outdo each others Christmas spectaculars. In the video posted below, you’ll see that one family decided to put on an incredible display while honoring the nation’s veterans for their service and sacrifices.

We can all get a bit stressed out during the holiday season. You’ve got to go to the store for food and goodies. Travel and lodging arrangements have to be worked out. There’s always shopping to do and the crowds at the mall don’t get any lighter as the day gets closer. But once all that’s done, most of us get the reward of spending time with friends and family. It’s different for families that have someone in the military, to say nothing of those who’ve had a loved one lose their life in the line of duty. There can be a bittersweet aspect to their holiday: a chair at the table is empty and someone isn’t there by the tree when the presents are opened.

A patriotic homeowner in Tallahassee, Florida wanted to remind everyone of all those who miss out on time with family because they’re on duty defending the nation and also reflect those who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our traditions and freedoms. He had a large canvas to work with: it’s a big house and he covered it and some nearby trees with lights, including a large American flag on the roof! The really amazing thing is that the lights were carefully choreographed to turn on and off, change color, and much more, all to the beat of some well-chosen patriotic music.

A merry Christmas to one and all! But while you celebrate, we hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on those who aren’t home this year and especially those who will never be coming home.

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