Stunning Drone Footage of Bison Frolicking in the Snow

Have you ever seen Bisons playing in the snow? If not, you are in for a real treat. It is snowing at Cross Timbers Bison. The Oklahoma farm is sprinkled with tiny snowflakes gently falling to the ground. The Bison are out together in the field. The snow decorates the Bison, as they are lightly covered with fresh powder. There are barely three inches of snow, but it looks beautiful outside.

Dusty, the Bison’s caretaker, and Jackie the dog watch after these big boys and make sure they are ok. Jackie would probably like to play in the snow too but she has a job to do, keeping watch over these snow-loving Bison.

The Bison are excited about playing in the hay and the snow. The Bison huddle together by the fence, exploring the winter weather and enjoying each other’s company. Seeing these animals trotting along in the snow is almost surreal, as it looks like a dream. The Bison seem happy to be experiencing this.

Seeing these large animals acting like little kids seeing snow for the first time is so great. They are wild, joyous, and enthusiastic as one of the Bison rubs its head into the ground full of snow and lays down on the ground to get a better feel of the cold refreshing goodness. It is pure bliss for these Bison who are frolicking freely.

Big Joe looks so magnificent running around the pasture. The Bison are uninhibited, jumping at the chance to demonstrate their fun and playful side. They almost appear to be dancing. If you are feeling down and want a pick me up, watch this wonderful video of Bison playing in the snow.

The Bison at Cross Timbers love the snow and the chance to frolic and show their fun and playful nature. They trot and frolic about with their bison buddies and enjoy the day. There are barely three inches of snow, but it is a gorgeous and flawless view of this Oklahoma farm. See the video below to experience the joy.

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Stunning Drone Footage of Bison Frolicking in the Snow