Massive amount of Paratroopers perform static line jump

This impressive training exercise by the US Army was captured on video, showcasing the enormous C-17 airship and highly skilled team of paratroopers.

The US Army paratroopers put on an impressive show with this training video highlighting they’re practicing the static line jumping technique.

Flying thousands of feet above the ground in a massive C-17 airship, these brave men and women stood at the edge of the doorway before making the ultimate leap.

For viewers wondering what it is like inside the C-17 or who want to see the final moments before a paratrooper jumps out, this video is an exciting first-hand account.

The soldiers display stunning precision and confidence as they first hook up their lines, then rush to the door and jump while another soldier takes the line.

The resulting images of hundreds of paratroopers floating gracefully through the sky are enough to inspire anyone to consider a career in the military.

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Massive amount of Paratroopers perform static line jump