Suburban wildlife: man and bear have hilarious reactions to surprise meeting

Bears are one of nature’s marvels. Tough and hardy, they’re also intelligent enough that they’ve learned to open jars and door latches. Bears are omnivores, able to eat whatever happens to be available. They’re also extremely efficient: food is scarce in the winter, so they simply sleep through the entire season! Although not particularly aggressive, bears deserve a lot of respect for their sharp teeth and formidable claws.

There world is only so big and has the human footprint has gotten larger and larger, bears and people have inevitably collided. What’s more, there’s often food to be had in human-inhabited areas and this attracts bears from nearby woods. While most people avoid dumpster-diving if at all possible, for bears, trash cans outside houses and dumpsters behind restaurants are treasure troves of goodies. Bears have an incredible sense of smell and their eyesight is better than you might think. So if there’s anything tasty around, a bear will find it. They’ll do just about anything for doughnuts, by the way.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, bear-human encounters can sometimes be pretty funny. Here, a young bear wandered into a suburban neighborhood near Lake Tahoe. The bear was sauntering past a garage door while at the same time a man was about to come around the corner — it was like something out of a cartoon! The moment they see each other is not to be missed. The man practically jumps out of his skin while the bear does a 180 and scampers a short distance away. While this video shows that a bear could appear almost anywhere, the reassuring thing is that this bear obviously had no intention of making the man his lunch.

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