Sudanese Refugee Reunites With The Family He Hasn’t Seen For 4 Years

A man collapses with joyful emotion after reuniting with his family for the first time in 4 years. His wife and 3 children had spent 4 years in America while the father waited for rescue from the refugee camps in Sudan. Now together again, their joy is evident in how they hold each other close.

In the Dallas, Fort Worth area of Texas lives a Sudanese woman and her 3 children. Several years ago she came to this country pregnant with two small children. Now, 4 years later, her husband is finally arriving from the refugee camps in Sudan to be with the family that he sent to be safe in America.

When the husband arrives in the airport baggage claim and finally sees his children and his wife for the first time, he is overcome with emotion and falls down to his knees crying. He gives a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonderful opportunity he has been given to reunite with his family, including a son he has never seen since he was born in America.