He Suffers HORRIFIC Crash On Way To Buy Flowers. When She Comes To See Him, He Can’t Wait Any Longer…

People will go to great lengths to get the perfect proposal. We have seen people who go to Disney, they talk to a few people and get everyone involved in the marriage proposal. The results are usually magnificent and magical. There was this one case when a man took his girlfriend to the amusement park.

Suddenly, everyone started dancing around them and they would tell a small portion of their story. The girlfriend was a little confused but marvel at the same time. All the most important Disney characters were in on the surprise. Some of them were dancing and singing at the same time. In the end, the whole musical performance was centered around a couple. The boyfriend proposed and she said yes.

There are other cases where the boyfriend searches for an exotic location. Beaches are very popular but also traveling abroad to a romantic place like Paris. There are couples who travel all the way to China or Japan for the proposal. This happens when one of them is from one of these places or when the parents of one of them are. The idea of proposing in a place they have not been before. This makes for great memories. Some of them even go back to that place for the honeymoon.

It doesn’t really matter what you have planned. Each couple is different and the most important thing is to have something planned. Whatever it is. Jamacio Kimble and Kayla King have been dating for almost a year. Jamacio thinks that their 1-year anniversary will be the perfect time to propose. He goes to pick up some flowers for the proposal.

“The original plan was that night at church we were going to have our youth and college career class get together and have roses and music and the lights off, and I would be in the middle of the room,” Jamacio said.

Unfortunately, the highway was in very bad shape because of the storms that had hit the area in recent days. When he goes to make a turn, his car skids and he loses control of his vehicle. He suffers a terrible accident. His buddies were driving behind him and help him out of the vehicle with the use of baseball bats. Once he is out, they call 911. He was rushed to the hospital and his girlfriend was notified. When she arrived, you won’t believe what he did!