Summer Group Trampoline Session Interrupted By Unusual Guest. Imagine What It Was.

Trampolines are fun. I remember going to trampoline parks when I was growing up. It was a blast to be seeming to defy gravity. We’d go every summer and not even think about possibly breaking our necks. Some people like to have them in their back yards. We never went that far. Part of it was because we had a pebble lawn, not a grass lawn, so falling off a trampoline there would have HURT. We wouldn’t have had a visitor like the kids that are in this video did, though.

There are four kids standing on a very large trampoline. Right now, they are being very quiet and very still, which is unusual for kids that age. Typically, they can’t stay in one place for more than three nanoseconds. This time though, they are restraining themselves for a very good reason: there’s a giant moose not 10 feet away from them. He’s grazing on some grass – he wouldn’t be doing that in our old pebble lawn!

After a few seconds, it seems to register that he has company. He turns around and sees the kids on the trampoline. They are being smart though, not making any quick movements or noises. He ambles up to the trampoline, climbs up and starts jumping too, and everyone has a blast. No… just kidding. He stares at them for a few more seconds – this is a TALL moose. Two of the kids could stand on each other and they would still be shorter than him. If he got mad, things could be very ugly.

He’s not mad. He’s actually a very chill moose. Eventually, he turns around and walks slowly back into the woods. I can’t imagine what was going through those kids’ minds at that time. Perhaps they had seen this moose before. They may have had their quite short lives flash before their eyes. It all turned out well, though and it gave them a memory that they can carry for the rest of their lives.

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