In This Summer Season, Cicadas Pose THIS Great Danger To Your Household Pets!

If you live in any kind of humid area or in an area that has heavy vegetation, you probably can recognize the characteristic sound that cicadas make when summer comes around. In warmer weathers, these animals thrive and their numbers can rise to the hundreds in just a few days, and the sound they make is ever present to give that information away. Thankfully, they’re inoffensive, and very low in the dangerous scale. However, for our animals friends, they can represent one unexpected risk that not many pet owners know.

Dogs can be some of the most intelligent animals in most cases, but even them can’t distinguish what’s best to eat by themselves. They can ingest a very large number of cicadas if they’re available to him and he wants to hunt them down, and they won’t stop until they develop several health issues related to their digestive system. The symptoms caused by extreme cicada ingestion can include stomachaches, appetite loss, and irregular stools. They can mess up a dog’s life in just a couple of days. If you live in an area that has many cicadas in the summertime, you definitely need to watch out for your animal friends!

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