Summertime Seems to be Hard on These Clumsy Pups! When You See Their “Aquabatics,” Too Good!

Somehow, at some time, our pets will find that they have an aquatic version of themselves. Sometimes all too suddenly, without any warning. Yet, these poor lovable hounds just can’t seem to enjoy summer without taking an accidental dip into the pool. Sure, most animals dislike the sudden surprise. I don’t recommend being the one who surprises them, however, with or without your help, chances are they will find their way in. Not every animal’s aquatic side is pleasant.

Whether golden retriever or corgi, these lovable hounds have made great progress for the soon to be signature moves. Without knowing it was cool, without knowing it would even happen, yet all too suddenly they find themselves soaked and doggy paddling for dear life, in some cases. Some are born swimmers mastering the movements in mere moments. A literal “sink or swim” moment. Others need a bit more influence or guidance when it comes to pool antics or etiquette.

Yet, no matter what seems to happen, they all take a quick, unscheduled dip into the icy cool water. There are many ways to prevent this from happening to your hound, just in case swimming isn’t quite their strong suit. There are a variety of gates and fences that work well not only for animals, but also for kids. Or if you’re trying to slowly inch them in, a good tactic is a doggy life vest, which ensures a level of buoyancy that won’t leave them gasping for air.

The many montages show the hilariously well-timed shots of some poor hound’s trips, bloopers, and mishaps. Yet the more I watch, the more I can’t find the control to stop. The poor Corgi alone has me in a bit of a weird place. It was an excellent dive, but I hope the poor dear wasn’t hurt!

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