A Surf Champion Put His Entire Career On The Line To Help A Paraplegic Man

When Martin Passeri, a five-time Argentinian surfing champion, was competing in the 2015 Argentinian Surf Championship, he was among the favourites.

All bets were on him to steal the show again. A lot of people came to watch him compete and to behold the surfer’s magnetic talent. However, Passeri was disqualified before the competition even started. Though, nobody was disappointed he didn’t get a trophy that day.

When I saw why he wasn’t allowed to compete: amazing!

It all started when Passeri saw Nicolas Gallegos, who had been a paraplegic since he was 18 years old, sitting in his wheelchair on the beach. The man had always dreamed of surfing and is one of Passeri’s biggest fans.

When Passeri sees Gallegos, he does something unbelievable that leaves the judges perplexed. Passeri took Gallegos to surf with him!

Due to the contest rules, they were forced to remove Passeri from the Surf Championship. Yet, He was not disappointed at all. In fact, he said that though he was disqualified from the competition this was the “greatest victory of his career.”

See what Passeri did and why he put his entire career on the line to do this incredible thing for Gallegos in the video below!

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