The class of 2019 in Luck, Wisconsin, is especially lucky.

Graduating seniors will have an excellent opportunity to attend a two-year technical college completely free thanks to one man’s generosity.

Dennis Frandsen, a businessman, and banker with the ownership of a few companies and two banks decided to gift the hard-working students with free tuition and books in case they choose to attend a technical college after the graduation.

According to principal Brad Werner, Frandsen offered help without expecting anything in return. He’s been helping the school for several years and now decided to do something bigger and new.

The number of students that can use this opportunity is unlimited, as long as they meet all the requirements. Whether only one senior attends it or the whole generation, it won’t impact the Frandsen’s decision.

Dennis Frandsen concluded that the students of four-year schools already have enough scholarship opportunities, so he wanted to make this offer, especially to the vocational college students. Another reason is that plumbers, electricians, and similar workers are always in high demand.

The businessman was born outside the tiny town of Luck, on a dairy farm. He didn’t inherit his wealth. He worked for it. In 1951, he started his first business at that place and had been developing as an entrepreneur and banker ever since then.

This isn’t the first and probably not the last thing he did for the community.

The seniors at the Rush City High School also have a free attendance of the Pine City Technical and Community College thanks to Frandsen.

He has a Frandsen Family Foundation that focuses on small towns and pays for college tuitions of their students.

It is still unknown whether Frandsen will continue this tradition and offer the same scholarship to the Luck High School seniors in the upcoming years, but for now, it is an excellent opportunity for the 2019 graduates!

As every successful businessperson understands the importance of willpower and motivation, he chose the first day of school to make this announcement.

The principal gathered all the students at the welcome back assembly, held in the school gym. With the 31 seniors sitting in the first row, he told them the happy news that immediately became one of the main topics of the press, deservedly glorifying the generous act of Dennis Frandsen.

Werner said that the great opportunity would empower all the students to study more and look forward to their future endeavors. The principal thanked Frandsen for the fantastic offer that came out of nowhere. He said that the businessman simply met Werner and told him about his plans. It was an unexpected opportunity that opens many doors to the seniors of the Luck High School.

Investing in youth is investing in the future of the country. Frandsen emphasizes the significance of education, and this is one of the ways of showing it.

The class of 2019 in Luck, Wisconsin, is especially lucky.