Surprise performance of ‘Stand By Me’ at wedding moves groom to tears

Surprised groom crying at wedding

In a beautiful cathedral, Rachel, the bride, and Shane, the groom, were surprised by a performance of ‘Stand by Me’ from their wedding guests. It was all thanks to their friend Hannah.


Hannah had been secretly practicing with friends and families from both sides to sing together during the wedding ceremony. The father of the bride was part of the performance as well.

Many of the wedding guests were surprised when the performers started singing from their seats and standing up. Rachel and Shane could not believe what was happening, and Shane even began to tear up.


The fantastic voices of the performers echoed throughout the wedding venue. They had a good range of ages in the group, from kids to seniors. Everyone was smiling at this point.

It was a bright and colorful wedding. Everyone was wearing vibrant outfits, and they performed with confidence and passion. The bride and groom were holding hands and laughing.


The performers walked towards the front of the church and stood in front of everyone. They continued their performance and sang the entire song flawlessly. Rachel, Shane, and some of the other guests still couldn’t believe it.

Beautiful people and their phenomenal voices finish their surprise show. Everyone cheered and clapped when it was over. Shane wiped tears from his eyes.

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Surprise performance of \'Stand By Me\' at wedding moves groom to tears