I Was Surprised To See Them Put A Newborn Panda In A Cage

With their big size, fluffy fur and black-white patterns, pandas are truly adorable and it is impossible to avoid watching a video of them if you have the chance. What’s even cuter is a momma panda nurturing her baby. In this video, a momma panda is meeting her new born baby for the first time and her reaction is undeniably adorable. Pandas are well-known for being excellent and attentive mothers who genuinely love their babies, and that is certainly evident in this video.

Baby pandas are born at roughly 1/900th of their mother’s weight which is really small compared to other placental mammals. The baby pandas are initially pink in colour with little fur, but gradually they gain their mother’s black and white colour. They quickly grow into mini versions of their parents, obtaining the traditional black and white colouring.

This video has been captured in a zoo in Taipei, Taiwan. Zookeepers initially kept the baby panda isolated due to the fear that momma might kill or eat her newborn. So, after few weeks this cub was brought into a controlled environment and left alone on the floor with the cage door closed behind her. As soon as they shut the door, they let the mother inside of the cage to nurse her child for the first time. Now the momma panda is getting a chance to nuzzle with her newborn and this story has a happy ending. She obviously loves her cub and is doing an excellent job of raising him.

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