He Was Taking Some Pictures In The Park When Suddenly He Was Surrounded By Gorillas!

John went to Uganda on a two week long wildlife expedition. All the while, his hope was to observe some Mountain Gorillas, but never in his wildest dreams did he think he would experience such a close encounter with a whole family of gorillas!

John was hoping to take a few pictures, but when a giant Silverback gorilla and his family came into the picture, things took a much different turn. Soon, John was surrounded by this friendly family or primates.

Of course, he was told beforehand that should he encounter a male gorilla, he should never make eye contact — thus John’s very passive posture. The gorillas accepted him and immediately treated him as if he was one of the family! (This all  happened at a Gorilla Safari Park in Bwindi, Uganda, home to half of the World’s gorilla population.

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