Who Survives Michael Vick’s Fighting Ring? Woof. Get The Tissues Out – You Will Howl Be Howling.

Ten years ago, the home of NFL legendary quarterback, Michael Vick, was raided for drugs. To the shock and horror of the police, they uncovered an illegal dog fighting ring hidden in the woods behind Michael Vick’s home. They found 51 dogs still alive.

Three of the dogs did not survive, but the other 48 were given a chance at a new life of love. In a documentary entitled “The Champions”, Darcy Dennett tells their story and how shows how they have become faithful companions. Vicks’ Bad Newz Kennels remains nothing but a distant memory.

The dogs have all found new careers and loving homes. Jonny Justice is now a therapy dog bringing happiness and laughter into sick children’s lives. He has been honored for his bravery by receiving an award, ADPCA’s Dog of the Year 2014. Then there is Mel, who was also honored with an edible key for the city of Dallas. Coincidentally, it was the same week his previous owner, Michael Vick was honored too. Now, that does not sit too well with me……what do you think?

People were worried that the dogs would not settle down in a domestic environment, however, the rescued dogs have gone straight into loving homes without any problems. Others found homes with the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, and the BAD RAP Rescue in California. Cherry Garcia who accompanies his handler all over USA as a representative for Best Friends.

In a strange twist, had these dogs not been the property of such a well-known person, they might never have been found. The dogs have responded to all the gentle, loving care they have received. Now and then, one or two of the dogs will get a fright from a loud noise, but generally, they have all settled down very well.


They are the first fighting dogs to have ever survived after being found. Watch the video and see for yourself how calm and happy these dogs have become. Let us know what you think about their abuser – has he been successfully rehabilitated?

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