After Surviving The Worst Conditions, This Pit Bull Pup Got Saved By This Kind Young Man!

As we’ve all seen and known forever, dogs are some of the sweetest and most amazing creatures that we have had the joy to live with as humanity. They’ve been our life partners for thousands of years, and they’ve grown and developed along with us since the beginning of time and civilization. However, despite this, there are also very cruel people in the world who don’t appreciate them and abuse them in the most awful and unfair ways we could imagine. In the following video, we see the recovery of a very brave pup went through after being saved from the most horrible thing!

Recently, in Louisiana, a terrible case of animal abuse sadly happened. A very awful criminal tried to murder a small pit bull pup by throwing her on the side of a tall bridge! It’s a very gruesome thing, but thankfully, it wasn’t the end for her.

She luckily landed on a swampy area, and though she was injured, she was able to swim to land and was found by a very amazing and kind person named Eddie Simpson, who noticed the dog, now named Ally, when she was down, and was the first responder who came to help her. It’s amazing to have people like this!

Watch this moving video right below.


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