Susan Boyle leaves crowd with goose bumps after her performance of ‘O Holy Night’

Ever since she first appeared on our TV screens back in 2009, Susan Boyle has gone from strength to strength. The talented Scottish singer has wowed fans the world over with her amazing vocals, and she’s had a number of smash hits on her hands – including the UK’s best-selling debut album of all time and she topped the UK and US charts twice in the same year in 2010 – only one of three acts to ever do so. It’s clear since her first ever audition on Britain’s Got Talent, that the ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ singer was set to take over the world.

Susan’s rise to fame has not been easy, often coming under fire because of her appearance. While she certainly doesn’t look like a typical pop star, her incredible ability has lifted her head and shoulders above other acts and she’s a testament to any underdog who never gave up in chasing their dream.

Backed by the beautiful harmony of a church choir, Boyle turns her talents here to the classic hymn ‘O Holy Night,’ which she performed on Larry King Live.

“She sends chills down my spine with her powerful and most beautiful voice! This song, in particular, starts on earth but slowly, through Susan Boyle and that magnificent choir background, raises you as near to heaven as one could ever hope! Her rising crescendos lift the soul and carry the spirit as high as any angel ever could.”

One fan perfectly encapsulates what it means to listen to Susan Boyle perform – and there are plenty of other well-wishers out there too. “This is one very special lady with an amazing voice. Beautiful! Thank you, Susan,” gushes one admirer. “What a wonderful voice! What a wonderful hidden gem come to light you are Susan Boyle,” backs up another. Praise has come thick and fast for this lady from West Lothian in Scotland. She’s an original rags-to-riches example that many people clearly aspire to.

And fans are going to love the fact that she’s covering famous Christmas numbers, with the festive season the perfect time for a good sing-song. Traditional carols just seem to lend themselves to Susan’s range, and we hope we hear much more from her in the years to come. With a major movie studio planning a film version of her life – that looks like it’s going to happen for the foreseeable future – and she deserves every bit of her success.