Sweet Baby Is Thrilled When Jazzy Grandpa Plays The Saxophone

It is always fun for adults to witness children reacting to something for the first time. Children are full of curiosity and eagerness, and they make ordinary things that adults take for granted, feel unique and wondrous. For example, take when this little one hears his grandpa play the sax!

You never know quite how a small child will react to something they haven’t seen before. Things that you think they might like will sometimes have them recoiling in bewilderment. Other times, they might find the most insignificant thing, like peek-a-boo, absolutely mesmerizing.

While this child’s grandpa wails on the saxophone, he remains entranced! He offers us some of the cutest baby smiles, too. Grandpa is also quite good at the saxophone, so it is easy to close your eyes, listen, and enjoy.

Looking at things through the eyes of a child is always refreshing. It can be uplifting to be reminded that there is always another perspective than what we are used to. There is inspiration all around us, and things like a baby smiling can leave us amazed and inspired,