Sweet Dog Meets Baby Bunny For The First Time And Decides They Are Friends Forever

Babies are adorable, of any species. Some of the cutest have got to be the tiny, fluffy forms of baby bunnies. They can be so small, though, that it can be scary to handle them as fragile as they are.

Meg the dog has just this problem in the video below. When she first saw the little bunny running around her yard, she was curious, but also a little confused. What was this miniscule little creature?

She sniffed it, trying to get some idea of what to do with it. At first, she was standoffish. But she soon warmed up to the bunny, keeping an eye on it as it explored the yard. Just like a watchful big sister, Meg made sure the bunny stayed safe.

Meg’s gentleness towards this bunny is touching, and could even give us a message for ourselves. When we look after and protect those who can’t protect themselves, we build bonds that can cross even species.

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