Sweet Pit Bull becomes world’s best dad to rescued kitten

Pit Bull and rescued kitten

When Jon and Christy first discovered Dora the kitten out on their lawn, they thought she was a mole, but then he saw her move and realized she was an abandoned kitten.


They waited for her mom to come back, but as the sun set and the night got colder, they knew they couldn’t leave her outside on her own, so they brought her into their home.

After consulting the vet, they started nursing Dora back to health. When she was able to walk again, they introduced her to the canine side of her adoptive family.

Pit Bull and rescued kitten

While all the dogs did well with little Dora, it became clear that there was one connection with a special spark. Their Pit Bull Brody immediately took to the little furball.

The moment he met Dora, Brody started to cuddle and give her kisses, and when the two of them played, he was gentle and patient with her.

Rescued kitten

As she cemented her place in Jon’s family, the question of where Dora came from continued to play on his mind. After asking around, he discovered that some cats would have their litter in trees, and sure enough, when he went out to check their oak, he found a nest waiting for him.

Knowing where little Dora came from has not changed their feelings toward the kitten. She has become an integral part of their family, and none of them can imagine life without her, especially their dog Brody.

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Sweet Pit Bull becomes world\'s best dad to rescued kitten