This Sweet Rescued Bull Plays With His Friend. He’s Like A Giant Puppy, I Wanna HUG Him!

Usually, cattle animals are most comfortable when their surrounded by their fellow farm peers, and feel the best when they’re with their own kind. However, this can sometimes give us the wrong perception that they’re somehow different from the rest of the animals out there. The reality is, they can be as friendly and loveable as any pet you could meet! Since they are domesticated, they can create strong bonds with humans just like any pet would.

In the following video, we see Paul the Bull hanging out and chilling with his best human friend, at an animal sanctuary called Hof Butenland. It was recorded in Germany, but it features one of the most common animals all over the world, so you should be able to recognize this from anywhere.

I never knew farm animals could get to be so lovely! He spends quite some time just licking the woman with his enormous tongue, and as if that weren’t enough, he also even gives her his head to pet, as if he was a giant puppy! How is he so adorable?!

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