Sweet stray puppy rescued by kind and caring woman

Stray puppy

A few kind-hearted people always help animals even if they have to walk into dangerous situations. Recently, Olena, who was involved in rescuing stray dogs in Ukraine, was driving her car when she noticed a little puppy running across the road and falling into a hole.

Woman rescuing stray puppy

So, she decided to check on the puppy. When she peeped into the hole but could not find the dog, Olena chose to search for her. Unfortunately, it was really dark inside, so she had to ask for a torch to look at appropriately.

The hole was damp and had many spiders crawling around in their webs. Olena carefully moved them away and soon went inside the hole. She walked for a few seconds before she discovered the little black puppy.

Stray puppy

The little one was sitting in a corner, trembling, and had nasty earthworms all around her. Olena noticed that the puppy had injured her paw and was limping. Possibly because of the fall.

Olena quickly held the puppy in her arms and came out of that horrible place. Even though it was difficult for her, she successfully rescued the puppy and brought her out of the hole.

Stray puppy

Olena named the puppy Cherry. The little one was then taken to a vet who did a thorough check-up. According to the vet, Cherry was approximately 6-7 months old. The vet treated her against parasites and vaccinated the puppy.

Olena took Cherry to a beauty salon for animals, where the puppy was given a bath. This was probably her first-ever bath. Cherry was adopted by the woman and now had a new home with a bed full of toys, food, and treats. The puppy learned to trust people gradually and loved her new life.

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