Sweetheart of a Rottie needs all his acting talent just to make a mean face

One very unusual thing about dogs is that they’re simultaneously intelligent and obedient. That’s why it’s been possible to train them to do all kinds of useful things: herd sheep, guard people and property, guide the blind, sniff for contraband, and so much more. But it also creates opportunities for some fun and games. Dogs delight in learning to shake hands, play dead, bark on command, just to name a few. And of course, some dogs are “characters” who come up with tricks of their own.

One of those canine “characters” is a big, handsome Rottweiler named Reese. He’s a natural actor and a specialist at pulling faces. He can change his demeanor in a flash, turning the charm on or off like a switch was being flipped. One moment he looks like the world’s sweetest dog (his true self) but the next, he can make himself look just like an especially vicious cur.

Check out the video posted below to see this adorable Rottie showing off his acting talent. Reese is out on the deck, lounging happily on a cushion. He’s in canine paradise and doesn’t look the slightest bit frightening or intimidating — it’s hard to imagine there’s a mean bone in his body! Just when it looks like Reese is going to completely destroy the Rottweiler’s tough reputation, his human dad says, “Show me your mean face!” In an instant, this cream puff turns himself into a savage brute, curling his upper lip back to reveal razor-sharp teeth. There’s a low, rumbling growl accompanied by those licking motions dogs make just before they attack. After this fine display, dad says, “Good boy!” In the blink of an eye, Reese is back to being a big kitten.

We aren’t sure if Reese has what it takes to be a good guard dog. Perhaps he could fake it. What do you think? Did you like his tough guy act? Let us know in the Facebook comments and be sure to like and share!