“After You Watch This You Will Never See Taylor Swift The Same Way Again”

We normally think that celebrities are stuck up and when it comes to showing warmth to their fans they can be a little cold. But after watching what Taylor Swift does in this video we must think twice before saying that. We also think that more and more celebrities should follow Taylor’s example and show this same amount of appreciation for people who cheer their names at the top of their voices.

In the video, you will see Taylor visiting the house of a fan on Christmas. This is the surprise that Taylor have been planning for a while and came to fruition perfectly. The kiss she plants on the cheeks of the little boy will just make your heart go “aweeeee”.  All we can say here is that, whether you love or hate Taylor, you will be touched by what she does for this fan. https://youtu.be/j3yyF31jbKo What do you think of Taylor’s suprise visit? Do you know any other celebrities that do this kind of thing?