A symphony of canine joy when four dogs are told they’re going to the park

Dogs love a good car ride, especially if there’s a fun destination. One man knew how ridiculously excited his four German pointers get when they find out they’re on their way to the park, so he set a camera up on the dashboard to record it.

So why do dogs love car rides, aside from the prospect of a fun destination? Unless they’re unusually timid, our caning friends enjoy the sense of adventure and thrill of the unexpected. And then there are all the smells. Dogs have an almost supernatural sense of smell and delight in making use of it. A car might have a few interesting smells inside but if you crack a window, you let in a whole world of scents. As if new smells weren’t enough, there are new things to see — it’s great mental stimulation. Dogs also love being with their pack (their human parents are part of the pack), so it’s a treat when you go out and take the dog with you.

Another possibility is that car rides bring out hunting instincts, what with everything rushing by outside and the car’s motion causing the “pack” to sway together in synchrony. And this brings us back to the German pointers. Like other pointers, they were bred to help with hunting: they instinctively stop and point their noses in the direction of the quarry. They’re known for being smart and friendly but they do have a tendency to get worked up and become boisterous.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, when the man tells his four dogs they’re going to the park, they certainly get boisterous, completely unable to contain their excitement. Their human friend grins while they let out a symphony of joyous howling. “Took the dogs to their favorite spot for a walk and they do this every time.”

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