Down-Syndrome Woman Gets Yet Another Job Rejection. Her Next Action Inspired Me.

There are times when people with a disability need to look at themselves in the mirror and decide what they want to do with their lives. The world is a tough place for even able-bodied people and it’s even harder for those who don’t fit society’s definition of what they should look like or act like. Some of them are able to find low-paying jobs that do allow them to feel like they are contributing. Then there are those who aspire to do more. Like who we see in this video.

Collette Divitto is a 26-year-old Boston entrepreneur who is trying to get her company, Collettey’s, off the ground. She offers delicious cookies. Oh, and she has Down Syndrome. The reason that Collettey’s was born was because she had been rejected by so many jobs that she had applied to that she decided to start her own company. Her whole family supports her endeavors and are cheering her on the whole way.

It’s awesome that she already has a client. She’s also got some leads for catering jobs, which could lead to some very favorable word-of-mouth – or word-of-stomach- situations that would net her more business. Yes, the cookie market is brutally competitive, but if she hangs on to a lot of equity she can do a lot of good. Otherwise, if she does sell off her shares, she had better hope the buyer shares her vision.

Divitto is not lacking in personality either. She bounces around her kitchen with a big smile and she’s got more determination than people twice her age. Her goal of being able to hire other Down-Syndrome or other disabled people is a very attainable one. Of course, she’s going to need investors to get her to a larger cooking facility because there’s only so much that can be one in one tiny kitchen.

This is a prime example of people needing to look beyond a person’s exterior. What an amazing success story. I hope she has many more years of happiness.

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