Heartwarming tale of Syrian bears forming an inseparable bond at a sanctuary

Jim and Susan have created the Orphaned Wildlife Sanctuary, where orphaned animals can thrive and form unique friendships. In a heartwarming clip, Jim recently shared a video showcasing the bond between two resident bears, Amy and Jenny.

The two female Syrian brown bears have become inseparable. Despite their solitary nature in the wild, these bears have found comfort and companionship in each other at the Orphaned Wildlife Center.

The Syrian brown bears at the sanctuary were originally part of a breeding program to save the species. Unfortunately, the program did not succeed, and the bears found their way to Jim and Susan’s sanctuary. Unfortunately, as these Syrian bears are native to the Middle East, they couldn’t be released into the wild.

However, Jim and Susan have made it their mission to provide these endangered creatures a safe and nurturing environment. In the video clip, animal lovers get a glimpse of the daily lives of Amy and Jenny.

Amy, a clever and playful bear weighing around 370 pounds, is best friends with Jenny. They can often engage in play-fighting and enjoy each other’s company. Jenny, weighing approximately 330 pounds, is the cousin of Sonja and Amy, and she has a particular fondness for peanuts and the snowy outdoors.

It’s truly remarkable to witness the friendship between these bears. Bears typically lead solitary lives in the wild, with adults viewing each other as rivals for mates or food. However, at the sanctuary, Amy and Jenny have the opportunity to develop different aspects of their personalities. As a result, they have formed a bond that goes beyond mere survival instincts, showcasing the capacity for friendship and connection in the animal kingdom.

The loving care provided by Jim and Susan is evident in the well-being of the bears. They treat their animals like their children, ensuring their needs are met. Their ultimate goal is to instill a sense of respect and care for native wildlife in people’s hearts.

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Heartwarming tale of Syrian bears forming an inseparable bond at a sanctuary