Take A Country Inspired ‘Sleigh Ride’ At The Grand Old Opry

‘Sleigh Ride’ by Runaway JuneThe beautiful trio Runaway June performs ‘Sleigh Ride’ live from the CMA Country Christmas special in an unforgettable spectacular show. Clad all in red, these three talented singers delivered an upbeat, sassy rendition of the beloved carol infused with all-new energy. If there’s one song that’ll get you into the mood for the holidays, it’s this catchy tune.

Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne’s voice come together beautifully for this fun arrangement at the CMA Christmas special. Naomi plays guitar and sings lead, while Hannah handles mandolin and vocals, and Jennifer also plays guitar and sings. The three are not sisters, but rather close friends.

The song ‘Sleigh Ride’ has come a long way since its original performance by The Ronettes way back in 1963. Runaway June stay true to the core feeling of the song made famous by its upbeat melody and catchy lyrics. After all, the words and quick, catchy progression through Christmas fun do transport one’s heart straight to the big day!

Take A Country Inspired \'Sleigh Ride\' At The Grand Old Opry