Take a stroll down Main Street and relive the good old days

Main Street in America is a time to remember. I was a young child during this time, but I still remember going with my mother and my brother to visit Main Street. One memory that stands out is our trips to the drugstore. The merchandise in the store didn’t interest me, but the shiny spinning red stools at the counter did. I always wanted to sit there and be waited on by the nice lady with red hair wearing a ruffled pink uniform.

My mother finally surprised me and my brother by allowing us to sit down at the counter with her. I remember how special that fountain Coke tasted along with the egg salad sandwich decorated with green lettuce (kale) and a handful of chips on the side. It was one of the best meals of my childhood.

I also remember going to Sears after supper. My father would go with us, probably to tell me “No!” when I asked for everything in the store. The delightful smell of caramel popcorn as we entered the store will stay with me forever. I didn’t care about looking at tools or washing machines. I wanted toys and caramel corn.

Gas stations back then provided real service. An attendant came out to pump your gas. I remember asking why he lifted the hood and what he was doing to our car. I relaxed a bit when my dad said that he was checking the oil. He washed the windows, which made me think that he was the nicest guy in town.

Every city had its Main Street where people got groceries and the things they needed. There were bakeries, hobby shops, and maybe a restaurant or two. Some families ate there, but I was told that we had good food at home.

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Take a stroll down Main Street and relive the good old days