Take A Tour Through A 1968 Time Capsule House

This video takes you through a look at an untouched vintage house in Carson, Iowa. Originally constructed in 1968, the old-world charm is undeniable. From the fixtures or finishing, the whole house is pristinely nostalgic.

There’s been barely any changes made to this vintage house, just maintenance, with every effort made to preserve its distinctive charm. In what can only be described as a time capsule from 1968, this beautiful house even has beaded curtains.

There’s no detail missing from this wonderfully preserved home. The original owner retained it all. You can enjoy a tour showing the whole house but be on the lookout for the original copper range hood and scalloped moldings over the doorways.

These are just a few of the subtle details. The carpets are there, so are the lighting and ceiling fixtures. Wait until you see the basement with glitter stucco and faux brick – it’s like stepping back in time.