They Take This Adorable Shih Tzu Mama Back To Her Puppies, And It’s Divine!

The beautiful family depicted in this video will make you fall in love with their puppies in just a millisecond. And their story will thrill you for sure! It started a little bit like this: a cute little Shih Tzu dog, now named Asha Attie, was left on the streets while she was pregnant and about to have her puppies, right there in the streets of L.A. Thankfully, her story did not take a sad end there, and she was able to be rescued by a local shelter that lent a hand.

After living a very rough life in the streets and becoming infested with fleas and mange on her fur, she was in no good state to take care of her puppies, even after they had been rescued by the animal shelter’s staff, and there wasn’t much that they could do about it. Luckily, The Bill Foundation got in to help the little family stay together and live happy lives.

They took Asha to the veterinary doctor promptly, to check her up and see what they could do to help her get back to her puppies as fast as possible. The doctors had to be very careful with her, to be sure the wounds wouldn’t get any worse, but in no time, she was back with her puppies again.

Watch the full story in the video right below.

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