She Takes A Dog To A “Kill Shelter”. While She Waits, This Hidden Camera Records The UNTHINKABLE.

We love pets. It’s a well-known fact that people adore animals and want them around as much as possible. We bring our pets home and from the first time we see them we immediately consider them an honorary member of our family and expect everyone else to treat them as such.

However, there are many people out there that don’t understand how important our fur babies are and take on an animal not knowing how major the responsibility is. Those are the unfortunate animals that usually end up either out on the street or in a shelter.

There are so many of these animals that are abandoned that unfortunately not all shelters are able to keep those animals there and in turn the animals must be put down. Many people who don’t have to see the outcomes don’t understand how detrimental it is and so they continue to get animals that they can’t take care of.

Well there is one group of people who are tired of all the needless suffering that is being put on these poor animals and have decided to let everyone know how they feel. This is an incredibly moving video but we warn you that the message is very clear and it can be seen as slightly disturbing so just take care when watching it. We can say that these people have definitely made their point to all of us.

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