She Takes Off A Doll’s Makeup With Nail Polish Remover, But When You See The Result You’ll, Want One

Dolls have always garnered much controversy for their hair, makeup, clothes, just like real women do. Their curvy, idealized bodies, overt makeup, and even skin tone can greatly affect the way young girls perceive themselves, giving them unrealistic expectations of what a woman should look like. With such high expectations projected onto our daughters, how are they supposed to feel when they look in the mirror?

If dolls represent “pretty” but don’t represent or resemble the girls who play with them, what are they to believe about themselves? Moms around the world often struggle with this predicament. They want their daughters to have awesome toys, but they certainly don’t want them to have self-esteem issues.

How do you provide a little girl with this traditional and sentimental gift without the potential of harming her sense of self? The solution is difficult, but one mom is figuring out how to navigate the world of hyper-sexualized dolls and imagery by taking dolls that are all dolled up and making them look more like the little girls that play with them, and now she has a full blown business that she never intended to have, all while allowing little girls to be themselves and feel good about it.

Some of the girls who bought her dolls were telling her what they liked best about them, and they said it was because they looked like them. Real. Not with weird huge lips and cat’s eyes. I love it.

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