It Takes Patience To Be A Successful Fisherman, One Dog Learns This Lesson Firsthand! Aww!

Fishing has been a past time that has bored some. When we are young, we see it as a way for dad or mom to get a few hours of quiet. A few hours of much needed silence from the rat race they participate on the daily. Some of us found a real sense of connection with our parents or grandparents from fishing. Whether it be along the shore, alongside a lake, or even in a boat. I know that fishing was never a great point of bonding for my father and I. That may have to do with me almost “catching” him when I was in the back swing of casting my line. He seemed pretty upset that the lure almost caught him in the cheek. I can look back now and laugh, but at the time, he didn’t seem like he was willing to go fishing with me anymore. Yet, whenever we got over that phobia of his, it seemed to be a great moment of perspective. We’d always throw the fish back, but since we did, I had to ask, “What’s the point of catching them if we’re just going to let them go?” What’s the point of putting them through that trickery of free food just for a hook in the mouth? I don’t remember his response, but I’m sure it was very “dad like.” I remember taking one of the dogs we took care of down to the lake and he wasn’t as apt or able to fish as the hunting instinct that this dog possesses. I know when I first saw how patient and cunning this pup was, I about fell over in shock and awe.

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