She Takes Her Pet Out Of The Cage At The Exact Moment A Fan Starts Blowing. What Happens? So Funny!

You probably have no idea what a ‘sugar glider’ is, but after reading this article you’ll be an expert! These cute little tree-dwelling creatures have become popular pets in the last few years. It didn’t take long for people to start making hilarious videos like this one below!

Sugar gliders get their name from two different features. The first part comes because they are absolutely crazy for anything with sugar. The second comes from the membrane that stretches from their tiny little paws to their legs, allowing them to ‘glide’ across the treetops.

Apparently they really love flying too, because once this little guy gets some air blown on him he is off like Superman! They make great pets due to their sweet nature, but before you try to get one for yourself make sure you understand their weird sleeping habits.

These little creatures are nocturnal, so they might keep you up all night with their weird little antics. Other than that, you’ll love having them around!

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