Talented little kids stun wedding guests with impressive dance performance

kids dancing

When Tia and Chris Kotarba got married, they expected a fun celebration with friends and family. They never anticipated a surprise sibling dance from three of their guests.

kids dancing

The Peterson brothers hit the dancefloor as the song “Handclap” by Fitz and the Tantrums began to play. The boys looked dashing in their matching blue vest suits and red sneakers.

Their dance moves were adorably choreographed to match the beat. The crowd couldn’t help putting their hands together as well when the chorus urged, “I can make your hands clap.”

kids dancing

Just when you thought their performance couldn’t get any better, their sister joins the two boys on the dancefloor. Handing each a pair of shades, she jumps in between her brothers.

Her black dress sways to the beat as she shimmies in lockstep with the two boys flanking each side. They look fantastic together with their matching sunglasses and red footwear.

The bride and groom laugh in delight at the dance number these kids have no doubt practiced to excess. Their routine is a true gift for all of the guests who thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Before they know it, the Peterson kids will be asked to all kinds of weddings, if only to show off their killer dance moves. We can’t wait to see what they’ll dance to next!

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