Talented Parrot Sings Beautifully When Dad Plays Guitar Riff

Frank Maglio plays guitar and recently discovered that his pet bird Tico is a fan and vocalist! The double yellow-headed Amazon whistles along to the tunes and occasionally even belts out some lyrics.

Frank skillfully plucks at the strings, while Tico sings along with all the drama of an operatic diva. Her stance, the way she poses and extends her neck while she hits those high notes, proves she is a valued member of ‘Tico and The Man.’

Frank is not only a talented guitar player, but he wrote this riff himself, and Tico harmonizes perfectly with him. She doesn’t just sing along; she performs! She moves all around the ‘stage’ and bounces up and down while she sings.

The look of joy on Frank and Tico’s faces makes this special moment. It will bring a smile to your face when you realize that two different species are both able to do what they love and bring joy to others. It is such a pleasant reminder of all the beauty in the world.