Talk about a compromising position–plumber’s antics draw a call from a TV celebrity and a top brand of blue jeans

While lots of us toil in the relative comfort of an office job or even have the convenience of working at home, others are stuck with some of the filthiest tasks out there. One such unsung hero is Texas repairman Jimmie Cox. Here’s what occurred when he set out to repair a damaged water duct at a residence outside of Fort Worth. The liquid kept gushing and he was puzzled about the source of the leak, so he took a deep breath and threw himself into the task—literally. The lengths that this hardworking Texan went through to save the day will leave you stunned.

The homeowner dashed onto her lawn after spying Jimmie almost completely submerged in a muddy pool of water. After confirming that he was alive and kicking, and getting his permission to snap a shot, she hurried back inside to get her smartphone.

Jimmie shrugged off the picture-snapping homeowner and kept focused on his work. Sure as shootin’, he fixed the leak. He didn’t have a clue that he was about to become an Internet sensation.

The photo of Jimmie made its way to Mike Rowe, host of the TV show Dirty Jobs. When he saw the image of Jimmie belly deep in the muck, Mike quickly got in touch with him.

Mike had one pressinq query for this dedicated worker: was it clean water or a sewer pipe? Laughing, Jimmie assured him that it was only a damaged water main.

In addition to the call from Mike Rowe, Wrangler, whose waist tag is featured prominently in the shot, is mailing

Jimmie a 12-month stockpile of blue jeans to keep him looking sharp on the job. Check out this unbelievable picture and the accolades pouring in for Jimmy in this video—