Talk About A Family Heirloom! This Diamond Ring That Has Been In The Family Is More Than 230 Years Old!

While this diamond ring has been in the current owner’s intermediate family for three generations, it actually has quite the history.

Dating back to the late 18th century (about 1780), this ring was created in the Netherlands, and has an interesting design. There’s foil underneath the diamond, so that the ring would flicker when exposed to candlelight.

In the 18th century, the diamonds were set in silver. There is a large diamond in the center with a border of smaller stones around it. The diamond in the center is called a rose cut. This is one of the oldest cuts of diamond. It’s a crude cut, almost like it’s upside down. The facets of the diamond stick up on the top, and underneath, it’s flat.

Rings like this one are rare because most of them have been taken out of the settings and recut, and very few have survived in their original condition.

Not many people could afford a big, beautiful diamond in the 1780s, so the ring belonged to an upper-class family. Maybe lesser nobility. According to the owner, the ring was made for a family member entitled to be a Countess.

The ring would work for a Countess in the 18th century! Especially since it was designed to be seen in candlelight in a ballroom setting.

The appraiser was unable to tell the owner of the ring exactly how big the diamond was. However, he was able to give her a price for the ring itself. The ring, in the condition that it was in, was worth around $10,000!

What do you think of a family heirloom bringing in that much cash? Would you keep the ring or would you sell it for the money? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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