Talking Bird Got Caught Sneaking Out Of Her Cage, Goes On A Hilariously Profane Rant

Cockatoos are a type of parrot, although they typically have much less colorful plumage than most other parrots. There are 21 species of cockatoo out there, found in various parts of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The larger species of cockatoo have very long lifespans. In captivity they often see their 70th birthday and sometimes even live past 80. There have been unconfirmed claims of cockatoos living to 100 and beyond. To put it another way, owning a cockatoo is very much a long-term commitment.

Cockatoos have voices that are loud and harsh. In the wild, they use their vocalizations in the course of social relations within their flock but also as a way to warn other cockatoos of danger and even to express their moods. When cockatoos feel threatened, they let out a highly distinctive hissing sound. Like some parrots, cockatoos have the amazing ability to mimic human speech. They’ve also been seen dancing to the beat of human-made music. Cockatoos are highly intelligent birds. In fact, scientists studying one species determined that it could solve complex mathematical puzzles!

Pebble is a salmon-crested cockatoo who managed to find a way out of her cage. Like we said, these birds are smart. In the video we’ve posted below, she gives her human an earful and she doesn’t mice her words. Pebble definitely wasn’t happy about being found out! Let’s just say you might want to make sure the kids aren’t in the room when you watch it.
Pebble’s profane rant is side-splittingly funny. You may find that you’ll need to turn on the closed captions in order to fully appreciate it. We don’t know how Pebble picked up all these expressions and, frankly, we aren’t sure we want to know!

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