Talking Husky Has A Plan In Mind, Don’t Miss What She Says Next! OMG!

You probably remember this cute husky’s name, don’t you? It’s Mishka, the talking dog, with yet another new video! She has become very famous all over the internet, and there’s no going back now! Ever since a video of her saying “I love you” went viral, she has been unstoppable. Her channel is now frequently putting out new videos of her funny tricks and special moments she has with her owners at home. In this clip, you can see her again talking a little bit about her future.

The man in the video, Mishka’s owner, thinks that she should be like a new Hollywood movie star. And she seems delighted with that idea! She was practically born to be on camera, after all, since she’s so good on it and can deliver her dialogue without any problem. She could be the greatest dog actor of all time, don’t you think? I hope they can find a good director to bring out the best of her!

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