Teacher, 54, looks unrecognizable after short hair makeover

Wait until you see the astonishing makeover magic that Christopher the Makeup Guy creates for Rhonda. You’ll be flabbergasted.

Rhonda thought she looked way too old for long hair, so she decided to see if Christopher the Makeup Guy could work a little of his signature makeup magic on her.

Her kids weren’t too hot on the idea because they loved the way long hair looked on their mom. Christopher disagreed with her kids that she was too old for long hair, but since she didn’t feel good about it, he decided to do what she wanted.

So, despite the objections of her offspring, Rhonda decided to go ahead with her plan. Christopher boosted the blonde in her hair, added a little dramatic eye makeup, and gave her a stunning chin-length bob.

The results were way beyond anything Rhonda could ever have dreamed of. She looks and feels 20 years younger, and her kids gave her new haircut their resounding approval.

It’s amazing what the right stylist, the right makeup, and the right haircut can do, and Rhonda is living proof of this. She couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out and is eternally grateful to Christopher for his work.


Teacher, 54, looks unrecognizable after short hair makeover